Corporate Social Responsibility

Given our strong inclination towards attracting talent from different regions, we have formed a strong community that consists of members coming from different countries, ethnicities, traditions, and backgrounds.

This is why we emphasize on diversity and reciprocal respect. We demonstrate our social responsibility by discouraging racism and discrimination. We like to treat both our members and customers fairly because this is the way we like to be treated in response.

We also care about our environment. Thus, whenever chances show up, we organize different activities with positive impact on the local communities. We do this because we are part of the same story – we can’t ignore the basic social principles whenever choosing a new direction.

Here are the main ways by which we show our social responsibility:

  • Focusing on talent – when it comes to investing in our people, we use all the possible means to provide the best support and resources.
  • Gender diversity – even if the financial world seems to be monopolized by men, the reality is that talented women can always count on our disposal to consider their services. We have happy with women working in our company, from management positions to customer service.
  • Charity – we think that charity is probably the most sincere expression of social responsibility, and we like to contribute wherever possible. Helping those who lack the basic conditions for a prosperous lifestyle makes us more responsible and closer to people.
  • Doing our job in a responsible manner – we engage in managing foreign capital without violating the rules and without ignoring the demands coming from regulators. We encourage transparent and clean operations with the financial resources at our disposable.
  • Having the environment in our mind – even if we don’t have a direct impact on the environment since our main direction has an intellectual aspect, we think about the indirect impact of any of our major decisions, like those related to the energy consumption, waste, emissions, and so on.